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Schedule a Virtual Tasting

Connect with friends, family and your work colleagues with a Helix & REININGER Virtual Tasting, perfect for parties or just connecting when you can't be together!

Let us do the hard work for you while you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a glass of wine with those on your exclusive guest list.


Step 1: Peruse our handpicked two and three bottle collections, or work with our esteemed staff on a selection of wines tailored to your — and your guests — palates.

Step 2: The wines for our virtual tastings can be picked up curbside at either tasting room location, or we are happy to ship them to you.

Step 3: Before finalizing your order, please let us know via email, over the phone or in the note field on our webstore that you would like this to be for a virtual tasting. We will coordinate with you directly and send out emails for a pre-determined virtual tasting via Zoom.

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Wine Preservation Add-ons Available:
Coravin & Vintage Needle $160
Argon canisters $11